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March for Peace and Justice
  United for Peace & Justice, ANSWER Coalition, & SOAW.
Also Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance.


COINTELPRO/FBI SID/black ops illegal LRAD, beam weapon, and gangstalking harassment, and COINTELPRO/covert ops infiltration of organizations, is a drain on activists and the establishment.
U.S. Budget Deficit and Trade Deficits soar as U.S. money and jobs go overseas and foreign loans prop up U.S. budget.

Social change news, more social change news, and more protests.
Note:  There are many more political empowerment resources than are listed here.
The Best Resources
Activist Sites and Resources
Monitoring Corporations
Alternative Media
Human Rights
Public Interest Activism
Peace (Afghanistan fact sheets, commentary and the peace movement)
Unions and Social Justice
Minority Groups and Civil Rights
Protests and Previous Protests

Progressive Website Hosts
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The Best Resources

     Join an organization.  If you want social change, join an organization you believe in.

     Unions and the
AFL-CIO.  Unions are the key to empowering American workers and enable them to collectively fight for better pay and better working conditions vs. bloated CEO salaries, maximizing corporate profit, downsizing, pension fund draining, and an inflated stock market.  The AFL-CIO, or the American Federation of Labor- Congress of Industrial Organizations, under John Sweeney's leadership, has become much more militant, winning an increase in the minimum wage for America's workers in a Republican-controlled congress, launching Union Summer in 1996, spending 35 million in 1996 in a political election campaign against the radical right in Congress, and is probably the most powerful force on the left today.  In 1998, the AFL-CIO is again spending millions in their anti-radical right political campaign.

NOW,  the National Organization for Women.

     Good Internet political empowerment resources include WebActive, with weekly news and descriptions of over 2,200 political websites, and The Electronic Activist, which allows you to E-mail your elected representatives.  There is also the Institute for Global Communication (IGC), including their members directory and PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, Anti-Racism.Net, and LaborNetIGC is a huge Internet network of social change groups. offers books on New Left Politics, the Media, Peace, Feminism, Green Politics, More Left-Green Politics, Political Organizing, Radical History, and Political Music, Movies, and Songbooks.  It also offers over 500 recommended empowerment resource books for sale, over 80 links, and over 3 million books, 400,000 CDs, 100,000 movies, 65,000 audio books, and over 850 magazines to choose from.  Many of these these items are sold at a discount.

Activist Sites and Resources
WebActive.  Weekly news and descriptions of over 2,200 political websites.
Capweb- The Internet Guide to the United States Congress.
The Electronic Activist.  E-mail your elected representatives.
20/20 Vision
Macrocosm USA.

Monitoring Corporations
Corporate Watch monitors transnational corporations.
Multinational Monitor
The Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research tracks the "wise use" movement.
The U.S. Economic Power Structure.

Alternative Media
Common Dreams.  Includes many links to both mainstream and alternative media, and links to over 110 activist organizations.
Sample alternative media news stories underreported in the mainstream/corporate media: 3,600 protesters commit mass civil disobedience at a Nov. 18-19, 2000 protest at Fort Benning, GA to shut down the School of the Americas.  Military repression in West Papua in Indonesia could turn into a large massacre as it did previously in East Timor.  President Clinton comes out in favor of decriminalizing marijuana.  And the UFW ended their 16 year table grape boycott on Thanksgiving.)
Working for Change.  You can click here to join.
Fact sheets on Afghanistan provided by the Center for Economic and Social Rights.
More Afghanistan News.  Links compiled by Geov Parrish.
Mother Jones Magazine
The Nation, including info on the New Global Media and the Global Media Moguls.  An intellectual liberal weekly journal.
In These Times. A biweekly left-wing journal.

E Magazine.  An environmental journal.
Z Magazine/ZNet.  A radical left-wing journal with a large website.
Ms. Magazine.  A militant feminist journal.
The Progressive.  A progressive journal from America's heartland that has been publishing for 90 years.

Southern Exposure.  A Southern regional quarterly political and cultural magazine.
The Progressive Review.  From Sam Smith, an independent progressive journalist in Washington, DC.
Independent Media Center.  The global IMC network offers activist and protest news.
IGC, the Institute for Global Communication, has up-to-date political news and action alerts in PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, Anti-Racism.Net, and LaborNet.
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting is a national media watch group.
Project Censored.
Boycott Action News.  Sponsored by Co-op America.  16-year table grape boycott is ended by UFW on Thanksgiving, PictSweet mushroom boycott underway.
Adbusters.  Ridiculing corporate advertising, which is the cornerstone of consumer culture. 
While I would like to see a less consumption-oriented society, I also applaud those advertisers who promote 1960's, Green, ecological, or peace-oriented values in their ads.
Funny Times.  A monthly publication with left-of-center comics and humor.  A good source of left-wing cartoons.
NPR.  National Public Radio.  They are somewhere between alternative and mainstream media.
PBS.  Like NPR, they are somewhere between alternative and mainstream media.
The Independent Press Association offers a member newsstand and the book Annotations: a guide to the independent critical press.
The Alternative Press Center offers an online directory of periodicals in the alternative press index for 1997 and over 250 links in their list of alternative viewpoints on the Internet.
Free Pacifica Radio
Management at Pacifica (including Pacifica executive director Lynn Chadwick) moved to seize power and push this historically progressive radio network to the political right.  This has triggered major ongoing conflict at the Pacifica radio network.
     Many alternative bookstores carry a wide range of interesting alternative media publications, full of interesting alternative news and viewpoints.
Mike Flugennock's mikey'zine.  Video coverage of protests in Washington, DC, and elsewhere.
On the road with John Tarleton.  Interesting cyber-photojournalism from a traveling radical reporter.

Human Rights
Blue Ribbon Campaign for online freedom of speech, press, and association.
Internet Privacy Coalition
ACLU.  The American Civil Liberties Union.
ACLU Bustcard.   What you can do if you're stopped by the police.
National Lawyers Guild.

Southern Poverty Law Center.  Monitors hate groups, promotes teaching tolerance.
The Interfaith Alliance.  A religious group countering the radical religious right.
People for the American Way.  A secular group countering the radical religious right.
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
PFLAG.  Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.
Amnesty International U.S.A.
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Organizations & Resources
Soros Foundations Network
School of the Americas Watch
See the info under previous protests for additional SOAW news.
Free Leonard Peltier.
 Leonard Peltier is one of America's most famous political prisoners.  He has become painfully ill while in prison and is being denied access to medical care offered by the Mayo clinic.  IGC's Peacenet offers additional information.   Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark is Leonard Peltier's Clemency Request lawyer. [11-15-98]
Stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal.  Mumia Abu Jamal is an American political prisoner who is on death row.  Here is a 1998 fact sheet on Mumia Abu-Jamal. [11-15-98]
Free Lori BerensonLori Berenson is a U.S. journalist who is a political prisoner in Peru.
WACO recently re-emerged as an issue.  Here is a radical libertarian's URL on WACO that I publicly asked for and received during some lively discussions at the Libertarian party booth at the Montgomery County Fair on Sat., Aug. 21, 1999.  In an unusual coincidence, the FBI admitted 4 days later that the precise first claim listed at this URL- the claim that the U.S. government started the fatal WACO fire 6 years ago- may in fact be true, despite prior FBI denials.  I don't claim to know the truth here, but I hope we eventually learn it.  The Washington Post has run a series of articles [search on WACO] on the reinvestigation of WACO beginning on Aug. 25, 1999.  My main concern here is that the government avoids this type of action in the future.  [9-23-99]
Free Howard Mechanic.
See also Minority Groups and Civil Rights.

Public Interest Activism
Guidestar.  A huge searchable database of more than 640,000 nonprofits in the United States.  Info for volunteers and nonprofits, including info on 20,000 nonprofit organizations in 150 countries.

Common Cause.  Working on campaign finance reform.
Public Campaign.  Working on campaign finance reform.
The League of Women Voters is focusing on campaign finance reform.  You can call them at 202-429-1965 to get their pamphlet 5 Ideas for Practical Campaign Reform.
Public Interest Research Groups
Public Citizen.  Founded in 1971 by consumer advocate Ralph Nader.
Essential Information and Organizations Using Essential.ORG.  Essential Information was founded by consumer advocate Ralph Nader in 1982.
Kids Campaigns.  What you can do to help kids personally and/or politically.
Children's Defense Fund.  Led by Marian Wright Edelman.
National Education Association
Access: Networking the Public Interest.  Lists nonprofit employment opportunities.
NORML.  National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  In Dec. 2000, President Clinton came out in favor of decriminalizing the use of small amounts of marijuana.

(Afghanistan fact sheets, 9/14, 10/8, & 10/29 commentary, and the peace movement)

March for Peace and Justice
Peace Protest April 29, 2006 in NYC
MGJ April 21-23 in DC, SOAW April 23-25 in DC
United for Peace & Justice,,
International ANSWER, & Win Without War

Social change news, more social change news, and more protests.

25 Things We Know: Summing-Up Post-9/11, by Bernard Weiner.  Published 12/21/01 by Common Dreams News Center.

Fact sheets on Afghanistan provided by the Center for Economic and Social Rights.
Afghanistan Fact Sheet #1: Basic Information & Key Indicators.
Afghanistan Fact Sheet #2: A Brief History Focusing on 1979-2001.
Afghanistan Fact Sheet #3: Key Human Vulnerabilities.

Afghanistan, according to the The World Factbook 2001, published by the CIA.

Sept. 14, 2001-- We are all shocked and deeply saddened by the Sept. 11 unprecedented tragic Islamic fundamentalist terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and the thousands of innocent Americans killed in this attack.  The outpouring of compassion towards the victims and the rescue efforts of firefighter and rescue workers highlight what is best about America.  However, the outpouring of anger against the attackers is pushing America into a war of unknown size, unknown duration, and an unknown number of future victims of war.  I urge President Bush to be very careful in fighting his new war.
     While TV news and the mainstream media are providing detailed up-to-the-minute reports, if you want a wider range of viewpoints and analyses, see the alternative media and the American peace movement.

Oct. 8, 2001-- The way of Peace has temporarily failed, and America finds itself at war with the Taliban of Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden's international terrorist network.  I hope the war ends quickly, with a minimal amount of additional stress, death, and suffering in America and in Afghanistan.  If you want more than the American establishment's in-depth coverage of the war, I invite you review the alternative media and the American peace movement.
     I expect America to launch a major attack against the Taliban, but I'm not sure if it will lead to quick victory.  If the American government emphasizes our support for the Afghan people (vs. the repressive Taliban) through desperately needed humanitarian aid and the strong backing of rival Afghan factions in addition to the expected aerial decimation of the Taliban and/or the possible cutoff of the Taliban's supply network, I believe America will have a greater chance of quickly defeating the Taliban.  (Defeating a global network of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists and/or Islamic fundamentalists who, if enraged, might become terrorists might be far more difficult.)
     I hope we don't accidentally provoke a wider war or overly anger Islamic fundamentalists, and that we can quickly move on towards trying to implement some long-term solutions.  [Note: In the 1991 U.S.-Iraq war, George Bush senior neglected to either prevent or solve the problems caused by that war, and we're still at low-level war with Iraq 10 years later.]   Here are a few solutions I would like to see: 1) solving Afghanistan's humanitarian crisis by feeding the millions of desperate Afghan refugees, 2) rebuilding a devastated Afghanistan under a more moderate government (and hopefully helping to defuse anti-Americanism in the Middle East), 3) guaranteeing the rights of women in Afghanistan, and 4) defusing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
     Here are a few longer-term solutions I would like to see: 1) a project energy independence to wean America from Mideast Oil, promote fuel efficiency, save money, and start to shift towards renewable energy (particularly wind and solar power).  2) Jubilee 2000, or the canceling of the impoverishing debt of the world's poorest 1 billon people.  3) Empowering women worldwide with affordable and accessible voluntary birth control and a global campaign to limit population growth.  4) A global campaign to shift to building an ecologically sustainable society that also addresses the issue of global warming and climate change.  5) Continued anti-nuclear proliferation efforts and continued peacemaking and conflict resolution efforts.  6) Effective U.S. campaign finance reform that includes full public financing of election campaigns.
     America enjoys a great deal of wealth, freedom, and economic and political and military power in the world today, even to the extent of having power over many less fortunate nations and people.  We need to work to help solve the world's problems in a manner that is as intelligent, helpful, and proactive as possible.  If we instead just hog our own good fortune for ourselves for today, we can expect to see continued population growth, continued ecological destruction and resource depletion, and eventually, more angry people and/or movements in the future armed with who-knows-what weapons ready to crash our private party.
     I know my suggestions are a tall order for social change, and that right now the most we can realistically hope for is to weather and possibly minimize the storm of this war and wait for our future opportunities.  Good luck.
     In solidarity with peace and intelligent progressive social change,
     - Ed Harding
P.S.  Realistically, absent any increases in my very limited budget, don't count on a whole lot more from me personally on this issue in the near future.  For more up-to-date progressive opinions, see the alternative media and the American peace movement.  (FYI, at least a few dedicated peace activists are still holding out for peace now.)  Once again, good luck.

Oct. 29, 2001-- Apparently, America is stuck in a potentially long-term stupid war with Osama Bin Laden's terrorist network and the Taliban of Afghanistan.  I don't understand why 19 kamikaze terrorists attacked the U.S. and brought down the full wrath of the U.S. superpower/empire upon them and their allies.  Afghanistan was a disaster before the war, and it is even more of a disaster now.  (By "disaster" I mean a legacy of war, poverty, landmines, civil war, drought, at least 70% malnutrition, 64% illiteracy, oppression of women, possible mass starvation, and now daily U.S. bombing and millions of refugees.)  Meanwhile, the U.S., used to fighting limited wars overseas, has had to cope with kamikaze terrorists hijacking planes and using them as missiles and bioterrorists using anthrax in New York, Washington, DC, and elsewhere in the first 2 months of this very unconventional war.  I hope we can minimize the damage caused by this war, prevent (or at least minimize) any more terrorism, prevent mass starvation in Afghanistan, end the war sooner rather than later, and move on to constructive solutions like those I previously described.  I also wish U.S. President George Bush and the U.S. government good luck in doing the best they can to manage the U.S. response to this crisis.

Win Without War.  America's largest and wealthiest peace coalition.
United for Peace.  America's largest activist peace network.
International A.N.S.W.E.R.-- Act Now to Stop War & End Racism.  A peace group recently founded by The International Action Center.  An international group based in New York City
Peace Action.  America's largest long-term established peace organization.  (One of their many activities is an annual protest of the Air Force Association's Annual Arms Bazaar in Washington, DC. every Sept.)
The Washington Peace Center.  Coordinating DC peace activism.

War Is Not the Answer.  A recently formed peace group based in New York City.
The Nonviolence Web.  A guide to the contemporary peace movement.
The War Resisters League., the National Network to End the War Against Iraq--NNEWAI.
The International Action Center.
Founded in 1992 by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and many anti-war activists, is a multi-issue organization that is at the forefront of trying to change U.S. policy towards Iraq.  Here are some 2/21/98 peace chants I prepared to share with fellow protesters.  A militant multi-issue activist group that is actively anti-war.
International Solidarity Movement.  Nonviolent resistance to Sharon's new war from international volunteers.
Educators for Social Responsibility-- ESR.
The National Coalition Building Institute-- NCBI.  They offer training in prejudice reduction, conflict resolution, and community building.

Peace Links from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.
International Campaign to Ban Landmines, winner of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Greens/Green Party U.S.A.  Long-time consumer advocate
Ralph Nader was the Green Party's 1996 presidential candidate and also their 2000 presidential candidate.  (Note: My personal position is "Think and live Green, vote Democratic to defeat the Republicans.")  In my opinion, this group has a great ideology, but in most of America is currently very poorly organized.  Internationally, in democracies with proportional representation, Green parties [7-29-97] can often be effective.  In fact, the Greens are now part of a left-of-center coalition governing Germany. [2-10-99]
Greenpeace International and Greenpeace U.S.A.
World Wildlife Fund is part of  the World Wild Fund for Nature Global Network.   WWF  has a huge website with 15,000 pages of info.
EarthShare.  An alliance of environmental groups.
Sierra Club.
[Click here to join.]  The Sierra Club appears to be well-organized on a grassroots activist level.
EDF- the Environmental Defense Fund
The EDF Chemical Scorecard provides information about local pollution sources throughout the United States.
NRDC Online.  The Natural Resources Defense Council.
Campaign for Food Safety, including S.O.S.- Save Organic Standards.
Earth First! Journal.  A radical environmental journal.  (Note: this entry is provided for informational purposes only, and is not an endorsement of all Earth First! tactics.)
EnviroLink.  A large environmental resource network.
The Animal Rights Resource Site
PETA Online.  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Well-known militant animal rights activists.
Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS).  Good anti-nuclear info.

he National Organization for Women.
NARAL.  The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.
Feminist Internet Gateway, provided by the Feminist Majority Foundation.
Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
National Council of Women's Organizations
They sponsored the Women's Equality Summit and Congressional Action Day on March 15-16, 1999.

Unions and Social Justice
he American Federation of Labor- Congress of Industrial Organizations. Led by John Sweeney.
Unions Affiliated with the AFL-CIO.
Union Summer
How to Unionize.  (Caution: While it is illegal to be fired for trying to form a union, it is not unheard of.  There are risks as well as potential benefits here.)
How and Why People Join Unions.  Info from the AFL-CIO.
Jobs With Justice
IWW.  The International Workers of the World.  A radical labor union.
UAW.  The United Auto Workers went on strike against GM in June 1998.
  UAW Local 659 at the Flint Metal Fabricating facility in Flint, Michigan went on strike on 6/5/98.  UAW Local 651 at the Delphi East plant in Flint, Michigan went on strike on 6/11/98.  The media coverage I read has been mixed. [6-17-98].
The Teamsters won a major nationwide strike against UPS in Aug. 1997.
American Federation of Teachers

United Farm Workers
The UFW ended their 16 year table grape boycott on Thanksgiving.  They are now boycotting PictSweet mushrooms.
Strike Page.
ACORN - The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.  Militant and hard-working low and middle-income community organizers.
National Coalition for the Homeless
DSA: Democratic Socialists of America
United for a Fair Economy.  Documenting and fighting our growing economic inequality.
PosterNation.  Nationwide Saturation Postering campaign.  The year 2000 campaign is Billionaires for Bush (or Gore).

Farm Aid.  An annual benefit concert organized by Willie Nelson and others.  Farm Aid '99 was held on Sept. 12, 1999 near Washington DC.

Minority Groups and Civil Rights
Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.  Led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson.
NAACP.  The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
National Urban League.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (1929-1968), a skilled and audacious nonviolent political organizer and advocate of civil rights, racial equality, peace, and social justice, is a hero to many Americans, and the only 60's radical to have a national holiday in his honor.
National Action Network.  Led by the Rev. Al Sharpton.
Sisters of the Million Woman March.  The Million Woman March occurred on Sat., Oct.25, 1997 in Philadelphia, PA.
Dick Gregory is a 60's radical and celebrity who is into holistic health and political change. 
[Link added to notes 1-20-02]
National Council of La Raza.
  America's largest Hispanic organization.


March for Peace and Justice
Peace Protest April 29, 2006 in NYC
MGJ April 21-23 in DC, SOAW April 23-25 in DC
United for Peace & Justice,,
International ANSWER, & Win Without War

Social change news, more social change news, and more protests.

Current protests.
Independent Media Center
Institute for Global Communication (IGC), including PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, Anti-Racism.Net, and LaborNet.
The International Action Center.
The Washington Peace Center Calendar
.  Washington, DC political meetings and events.

Previous Protests

Peace Rallies March 19 [2005]

Protest to Close the SOA Nov. 19-21 [2004]
at Fort Benning, GA
Counter-Inaugural Protest Jan. 20 in DC

VOTE! Defeat Bush Nov. 2. [2004]
No Stolen Elections--
Million Worker March, Oct. 17,2004 in Washington, DC.

March for Peace and Justice
Protest at the Republican National Convention Aug. 29
More RNC protests Aug. 26-Sept. 2

Caution: NYC Republican Mayor Bloomberg is trying to use unconstitutional Police State tactics.
"Freedom of Assembly First Amendment Right."

Defeat Bush Nov. 2
United for Peace & Justice,,
International ANSWER Action Plan, & Win Without War

Recent Fall 2002-Spring 2003  protests.

March for Peace and Justice
Sept. 9-11, Sept. 25-29, & Oct. 26
and Vote in the Primary & on Nov. 5, 2002.

Bush Plans U.S.-Iraq War, Not Israeli-Palestinian Peace.
Social change news, more social change news, and more protests.

March for Peace and Justice
April 19-22 in Washington, DC

Let Freedom Ring -- July 4, 2002  [6-28-02]

 No New Cointelpro -- Sat. June 29 12 noon rally at the FBI Hoover building in Washington, DC.

 Animal Rights 2002 Convention -- June 28- July 3, 2002 in McLean, VA.
 July 4 Hemp Festival/Smoke-in -- July 4 rally, march, and concert in Washington, DC.  End the war on drugs.
 National Rainbow Gathering -- July 1-7 in Michigan.  Wonderful annual hippie festival
News, more news, and more protests.

Critical News-- People Power Defeats Military Coup in Venezuela.  [4-14-02]
Fascism out, democracy in as Venezuelan President Chavez, ousted by military, reclaims power.
CNN story   Washington Post story   Independent Media Center (IMC) story   more news


Democratic Venezuelan government continues to resist military coup attempts.


Mike Flugennock's mikey'zine.  Video coverage of protests in Washington, DC, and elsewhere.
Independent Media Center.  The global IMC network offers activist and protest news.
School of the Americas Watch protestsI attended their underreported May 1-4, 1999 protests at the White House, Pentagon, and Capitol.  Their mournful protest of major human rights violations by some notorious SOA graduates was very poignant.  They also held a a large Nov. 19-21, 1999 nonviolent protest and mass nonviolent civil disobedience at the SOA in Fort Benning, GA.  Over 12,000 attended the Nov. 21, 1999 Fort Benning, GA rally and over 4,400 committed mass nonviolent civil disobedience65 people were arrested.  10,000 protested at the Nov. 18-19, 2000 protest at Fort Benning, GA and 3,600 committed mass civil disobedience.  More than 2,100 were issued 5-year ban and bar letters.
Puerto Rican General Strike.  July 1998.  In Spanish.
Jericho '98 [website defunct] called for the freeing of all U.S. political prisoners, ironically around the same day that President Clinton met with ex-South African Political Prisoner Nelson Mandela in South Africa.  Hundreds of protesters converged at Peace Park in front of the White House.  (I attended and handed out green Empowerment cards promoting my website and sharing my knowledge.)  I was surprised by the lack of press coverage (except for an unusual radical spin in The Washington Post sports page that day).  Unfortunately, Jericho '98 was not organized enough to maintain their website and post the names, pictures, and stories of I believe over 100  imprisoned U.S. political activists.  (I must admit however, that a number of these activists had been arrested long ago for using or conspiring to use violence.)  For more info on imprisoned U.S. activists, see the human rights section.
Mobilization for Global Justice.  Protests in Washington, DC from April 8-17, 2000.  Major protests April 16-17.   (Fast News on the these protests was provided by The Progressive Review.)   The ACLU,  in response to significant police misconduct, and in the hopes of preventing future similar police misconduct, filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the protesters in July.
Jubilee 2000- National Mobilization for Debt Cancellation.  April 9-10 in Washington, DC.  Sponsored by Jubilee 2000/USA.
Earth Day 2000.  Major rally in Washington DC on April 22.  Earth Day events everywhere.
Millennium March.  Major gay rights rally on April 30 in Washington, DC.
Millennium Marijuana March.  May 6, 2000, in New York City and elsewhere. [pictures]
A Day for Mumia.  May 7, 2000 in New York City.  Mumia Abu Jamal is an American political prisoner who is on death row.  Here is a 1998 fact sheet on Mumia Abu-Jamal.
Million Mom March.  For sensible gun laws and safe kids.  May 14, 2000, in Washington, DC.
Animal Rights 2000 National conference on July 1-5 in Washington, DC.
July 4 Smoke-in.  Local annual protest and celebration in Washington, DC.
Protests at the Republican National ConventionProtests and a Shadow Convention in Philadelphia from July 24-Aug. 3.  Protests include the Philadelphia Direct Action Group and Independent Media Coverage.  The Shadow Convention is focusing on campaign finance reform, ending the war on drugs, and reducing poverty Protests also occurred at the Democratic National Convention from Aug. 14-18.  [pictures.]  Both the Philadelphia police and the LAPD overreacted to the protests.  The protesters were unable to maintain a 100% commitment to nonviolence.  And the mainstream media underreported protest news (including police misconduct and a large hunger strike in the Philadelphia jails) as usual.
National Mobilization to End the Sanctions Against IraqAug. 6-7, 2000 protest in Washington, DC.  104 people were arrested on Aug. 7 for nonviolent civil disobedience in front of the White House.  Let me note that  Saddam Hussein is a genuine villain, but that doesn't justify the additional deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people.
Redeem the Dream.  Aug. 26, 2000 in Washington DC.   Opposing police brutality and racial profiling by police  on the 37th anniversary of the historic 1963 March on March on Washington.
World March of Women 2000.  National rally on Oct. 15, 2000 in Washington, DC.  Additional marches worldwide.
Peltier Walk for Freedom.  Dec. 10, 2000 in New York City.  The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee also held rallies in San Francisco and Minneapolis.  President Clinton granted a record number of last minute pardons, including pardons of some well-connected rich people, but he did not grant clemency to Leonard Peltier.
Protests at the Bush Inauguration.  Protests at the Bush inauguration on and around Jan. 20, 2001.  DC Indymedia provides protest news and the most links, while Action Network (JAM) provides a welcome packet, protest schedule, maps, and a local convergence center.  Free Radical describes and provides links to the different protests planned.
Between the protests at the Jan. 20th inauguration of the man the U.S. Supreme Court (by a 5-4 vote, if I recall correctly) eventually selected to be the next President of the United States despite his decisively losing the popular vote and the Sept. 24-Oct. 2, 2001 protests at the shortened World Bank and IMF meeting protected by a massive multimillion dollar police presence that the DC government (that recently closed DC General Hospital to save money) was shaking down the Federal Government and the World Bank and IMF to help pay for, various other protests took place, particularly in the spring.  The April protests in Quebec, Canada and July protests in Genoa, Italy were the largest and most confrontational.  I attended many of the rallies in DC, including the NOW pro-choice rally on Earth Day, and a Free Mumia rally in Philadelphia.  Every rally I attended this year was nonviolent and peaceful, unlike Quebec and Genoa, and I hope the police and protesters will remain 100% nonviolent at the Sept. 24-Oct. 2, 2001 protests in DC.  I also suspect the cops may use the pre-emptive strike strategy they used in April 2000 to try to violate and squelch the 1st Amendment rights of the protesters, and I believe they should be pressed to disavow this unconstitutional tactic.
On Sept. 29, 2001, the International Action Center held a national peace rally in Washington, DC. instead of the mostly cancelled anti-IMF protests.  On Sept. 30, 2001, the Washington Peace Center held a local peace rally in Washington, DC.
School of the Americas Watch protest.  Nov. 16-18, 2001 at Fort Benning, GA   Part of an ongoing campaign by the School of the Americas Watch.
Protests at the World Economic Forum.  Jan. 31-Feb. 5, 2002 in New York City.  Teach-in on Feb. 1.  Mass rally on Feb. 2.  Sponsored by International A.N.S.W.E.R.  The Village Voice provided a field guide to Anti-WEF protest in New York City and up-to-the-moment info on the Showdown at the Waldorf.  The protesters' news was provided by NYC Indymedia.  Among the protestors' issues: debt relief for the Global South and stopping undemocratic trade agreements.

Progressive Website Hosts
OneWorld Online (based in England) offers website hosting for organizations whose work is consistent with the promotion of human rights and sustainable development.

APC - the Association for Progressive Communications is a global partnership of computer networks that link activists around the world.
IGC- the Institute for Global Communication is an American nonprofit organization and APC member that offers membership benefits and website hosting services for social change organizations and offers far and away the largest number of left-wing political newsgroups on the Internet. They host over 300 social change organizations on their extensive website.
ServInt freenet offers free website hosting to registered registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.
Envirolink offers free website hosting services to non-profit organizations within the environmental and animal rights communities.
Free Speech Internet Television provides free or low cost web hosting with unlimited bandwidth and offers a collection of left-wing video and audio presentations.
GreenNet is a progressive Internet Service Provider in London, England which offers website hosting services.

The Foundation Center offers Grantmaker Info, The Foundation Directory Online
, and other information on fundraising.
More than Money
The National Network of Grantmakers is a membership association of funders committed to supporting progressive social change.  They  sponsor the 1% more for democracy campaign.  They offer a common grant application.  And they sell the Grantmakers Directory 2000-2001.
Guidestar.  A huge searchable database on nonprofits.  GuideStar is a searchable database of more than 620,000 nonprofit organizations in the United States.
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Grants/Foundations from the Soros Foundations Network.
Ted Turner Foundation.
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Merchandise offers books on New Left Politics, the Media, Peace, Feminism, Green Politics, More Left-Green Politics, Political Organizing, Radical History, and Political Music, Movies, and Songbooks.  It also offers over 500 recommended empowerment resource books for sale, over 80 links, and over 3 million books, 400,000 CDs, 100,000 movies, 65,000 audio books, and over 850 magazines to choose from.  Many of these these items are sold at a discount.
Earth Tones is a unique long distance phone service founded and wholly owned by non-profit environmental organizations.
Classic Conscience Checks
Northern Sun Merchandising.  Best collection of left-wing T-shirts.
Northland Poster Collective.  Labor movement catalog.
Syracuse Cultural Workers.  Tools for change.
Peace Resource Project.  Green buttons and bumperstickers, etc.
Donnelly/Colt.  Progressive buttons and bumperstickers.

Ferne Sales Company- buttons and bumperstickers.  Wholesale only.  Send SASE for catalog.
P.O. Box 113 T.C.B.
West Orange, NJ  07052

WebActive Directory. Includes descriptions of over 2,200 sites.
America's Progressive Community.  Over 110 links from Common Dreams.
Working Assets 60.
Tribal Links
(by the Rainforest Action Network)
Yahoo Environmental Links
Amazing Environmental Organizational Webdirectory

International Links
Mobilization for Global Justice.  Protests in Washington, DC from April 8-17, 2000.  Major protests April 16-17.
United Nations
Soros Foundation Network- Related Sites
Green Parties world wide
Progressive website hosts, especially APC, play a major role on the Internet in international political empowerment.
GreenNet is a progressive Internet Service Provider in London, England.
East Timor Action Network/US
.  ETAN/US provides information about, and ways to help, East Timor, which was invaded and subjugated by US ally Indonesia in 1975.
International Action for West Papua.  West Papua is under Indonesian military repression.  Here is a Nov. 2000, news story.
China Support Network.
Hong Kong Voice Of Democracy.
Free Burma.
Free Tibet.  Led by the Dalai Lama.  The Milarepa Fund sponsored a huge Tibetan Freedom Concert 1998 in Washington, DC on the weekend of 6/13-98-6/14/98 and held a Free Tibet rally at the capital on 6/15/98.
TransAfrica Forum.  Led by Randall Robinson.
Food First.  The Institute for Food and Development Policy.
InterAction- American Council for Voluntary International Action.
Jubilee 2000
OneWorld Online.  A community of over 150 leading global justice organizations under one roof.

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