FBI COINTELPRO/FBI SID 2005-2006 Timeline
by the EmpowermentResources.com webmaster.

-- VERY PRELIMINARY FIRST DRAFT VERSION (Still Under Revision) --  [1-11-06]
     Ed Harding has been openly persecuted since around May 1, 2005 by an FBI SID electronic psychological warfare team led by Jay Pendelton, allegedly FBI SID badge 604, and staffed by alias "B2" and alias "Ditsy".  Ed has a huge collection (including more than 700 pages of self-defense logbook logged data) of electronic and written notes concerning his persecution by the FBI SID in 2005 and a finite amount of time (particularly since he is still undergoing FBI SID electronic psychological warfare persecution and tailing, stalking, and electronic and sometimes even in-person repression and harassment by people who are probably all paid by the FBI SID).  Ed Harding's plan is to attempt to thoroughly document his 2005 repression by the FBI SID in his free time during Jan.-Feb. 2006.
     Because documentation progress is slow, and because Ed believes there is at least some media and other demand for his story ASAP, and because this information can take a long time to assemble, process, review, and digest, Ed will assemble and post his documentation in a gradual piecemeal fashion.
     Here is Ed's most preliminary release, EmpowermentResources.com website release ER423, posted 1/10/06.

Ed Harding's 2005-2006 website releases at EmpowermentResources.com
in response to open FBI SID electronic psychological warfare attacks
beginning around May 1, 2005.

Day Release number Home Page cointelpro_2005.html new log notes Release Notes
6-12-05 ER373 index_ER373--6-12-05 cointelpro_2005_ER373--6-12-05   First draft of cointelpro_2005.html.  Ed survives a 6-week FBI siege.  (Includes a typo "5/30/05" that was quickly corrected to "4/30/05".)
6-12-05 ER373a index_ER373a--6-12-05   None   Updated peace march info.  Included Sept. 24-26, 2005 peace march.  (Plus a "5/30/05" typo is corrected to "4/30/05").
6-12-05 ER374   None cointelpro_2005_ER374--6-12-05.   First draft of cointelpro_2005.html, still under revision.
6-14-05 ER375 index_ER375--6-14-05 cointelpro_2005_ER375--6-14-05   Second draft of cointelpro_2005.html.
6-16-05 ER376 index_ER376--6-16-05 cointelpro_2005_ER376--6-16-05
  Webmaster Hit With Pulsed Electronic Denial of Sleep Attack 6/16/05 (early morning) in an attempt to prevent further information about FBI COINTELPRO/FBI SID from being posted to the Internet..
Also third draft of cointelpro_2005.html, under active revision.
6-16-05 ER376a   None cointelpro_2005_ER376a--6-16-05   Third draft of cointelpro_2005.html.  Very similar to release ER376.
6-17-05 ER377 index_ER377--6-17-05 cointelpro_2005_ER377--6-17-05   Webmaster hit with pulsed electronic denial of sleep attacks 6/16/05 and 6/17/05.
Also fourth draft of cointelpro_2005.html.
6-17-05 ER378 index_ER378--6-17-05 cointelpro_2005_ER378--6-17-05    
6-18-05 ER379 index_ER379--6-18-05 cointelpro_2005_ER379--6-18-05      
6-21-05 ER380 index_ER380--6-21-05 cointelpro_2005_ER380--6-21-05    
6-25-05 ER381 index_ER381--6-25-05 cointelpro_2005_ER381--6-25-05    
7-10-05 ER382 index_ER382--7-10-05 cointelpro_2005_ER382--7-10-05    
7-12-05 ER383 index_ER383--7-12-05   None    
7-24-05 ER384 index_ER384--7-24-05 cointelpro_2005_ER384--7-24-05    
7-26-05 ER385 index_ER385--7-26-05 cointelpro_2005_ER385--7-26-05   Jay ordered Ditsy to destroy cointelpro_2005_ER385--7-26-05 at 3:49pm 1/11/05 while admitting his guilt.  He then quickly retracted his admission of guilt.
7-28-05 ER386 index_ER386--7-28-05 cointelpro_2005_ER386--7-28-05    
7-28-05 ER386a   None cointelpro_2005_ER386a--7-28-05    
7-28-05 ER386b   None cointelpro_2005_ER386b--7-28-05    
7-28-05 ER387 index_ER387--7-28-05 cointelpro_2005_ER387--7-28-05    
7-30-05 ER388 index_ER388--7-30-05 cointelpro_2005_ER388--7-30-05    
7-31-05 ER389 index_ER389--7-31-05 cointelpro_2005_ER389--7-31-05    
8-1-05 ER390 index_ER390--8-1-05 cointelpro_2005_ER390--8-1-05    
  ER390a index_ER390a--8-1-05 cointelpro_2005_ER390a--8-1-05    
8-4-05 ER391 index_ER391--8-4-05 cointelpro_2005_ER391--8-4-05     
8-13-05 ER396 index_ER396--8-13-05 cointelpro_2005_ER396--8-13-05    
8-18-05 ER397 index_ER397--8-18-05 cointelpro_2005_ER397--8-18-05    
8-18-05 ER397a   None cointelpro_2005_ER397a--8-18-05    
8-18-05am ER397b   None cointelpro_2005_ER397b--8-19-05am    
8-20-05 ER398 index_ER398--8-20-05 cointelpro_2005_ER398--8-20-05    
8-20-05 ER399 index_ER399--8-20-05 cointelpro_2005_ER399--8-20-05    
8-24-05 ER400 index_ER400--8-24-05 cointelpro_2005_ER400--8-24-05am    
8-26-05 ER401 index_ER401--8-26-05 cointelpro_2005_ER401--8-26-05    
8-26-05 ER402   None cointelpro_2005_ER402--8-26-05    
8-26-05 ER403   None cointelpro_2005_ER403--8-26-05    
9-4-05 ER404 index_ER404--9-4-05 cointelpro_2005_ER404--9-4-05am    
11-7-05 ER405 index_ER405--11-7-05 cointelpro_2005_ER405--11-7-05am    
11-7-05 ER406   None cointelpro_2005_ER406--11-7-05    
11-10-05 ER407 index_ER407--11-10-05 cointelpro_2005_ER407--11-10-05    
11-10-05 ER408   None cointelpro_2005_ER408--11-10-05    
11-11-05 ER409 index_ER409--11-11-05 cointelpro_2005_ER409--11-11-05    
11-14-05 ER410 index_ER410--11-14-05 cointelpro_2005_ER410--11-14-05    
12-11-05 ER412 index_ER412--12-11-05 cointelpro_2005_ER412--12-11-05     
12-11-05 ER412a   None cointelpro_2005_ER412a--12-11-05    
12-24-05 ER413 index_ER413--12-24-05 cointelpro_2005_ER413--12-24-05    
12-24-05 ER413a index_ER413a--12-24-05 cointelpro_2005_ER413a--12-24-05    
12-27-05 ER414 index_ER414--12-27-05 cointelpro_2005_ER414--12-27-05    
12-27-05 ER415 index_ER415--12-27-05 cointelpro_2005_ER415--12-27-05    
12-28-05 ER416 index_ER416--12-28-05 cointelpro_2005_ER416--12-28-05    
12-31-05 ER417 index_ER417--12-31-05 cointelpro_2005_ER417--12-31-05    
1-1-06 ER418 index_ER418--1-1-06 cointelpro_2005_ER418--1-1-06    
1-4-06 ER419 index_ER419--1-4-06 cointelpro_2005_ER419--1-4-06    
1-4-06 ER420 index_ER420--1-4-06   None    
1-10-06am ER421 index_ER421--1-10-06am cointelpro_2005_ER421--1-10-06am    
1-10-06am ER421a index_ER421a--1-10-06am cointelpro_2005_ER421a--1-10-06am    
1-10-06 ER422 index_ER422--1-10-06 cointelpro_2005_ER422--1-10-05