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     "Nothing so much needs reforming as other people's habits." - Mark Twain.

Improving Your Health

One of the best ways to improve your emotional or mental health is to improve your physical health.  Here are some good options:
healthy food- improved nutrition definitely improves your well-being.
exercise- great for stress control.  Even walking helps.
stretching- very relaxing. 
Since mind and muscle tension are related, you can relax your mind by stretching and relaxing your muscles.  Yoga is an advanced form of stretching.
stress control
massage- very relaxing.
bodywork- working on your body yourself and/ or paying for skilled bodywork can be healing. 
I personally rate rolfing, an advanced (and expensive) form of bodywork, as more powerful than conventional therapy.
nutritional supplements.- vitamins enable your mind and body to work better.  For example, using the herbal tonic ginseng strengthens your adrenal glands and increases your resistance to stress. 
Also, you can use 5-HTP to increase your self-confidence.

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The Book of Stress Survival: Identifying and Reducing the Stress in Your Life, by Alix Kirsta.  A Gaia original book, beautifully illustrated, that provides a relaxing, holistic approach to relaxation.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

     Publisher out of stock in Nov. 2000.
Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia: How You Can Benefit from Diet, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Exercise, and Other Natural Methods (Getting Well Naturally), by Michael T. Murray, N.D.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

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5-HTP: The Natural Way to Overcome Depression, Obesity, and Insomnia, by Michael T. Murray, N.D.  This book explains in detail how 5-HTP can increase your serotonin levels and your overall mental well-being.
  You can purchase 5-HTP online.  According to Dr. Murray, "The level of serotonin present in your brain can have a tremendous impact on how you think, feel, and behave.  Having an adequate supply produces what is sometimes called the "serotonin effect" -- a feeling of calmness, mild euphoria, and relaxation.  Having too little serotonin can lead to the opposite direction -- feelings of depression, anxiety, and other problems associated with serotonin deficiency syndrome...".   He further states that "Because low serotonin can result from the stress and strain of our modern way of living, and because its symptoms severely reduce the joy of life to such a tremendous degree for so many people, I consider serotonin deficiency syndrome to be one of the most widespread and debilitating medical problems of our time."  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

Assertiveness Training

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When I Say No, I Feel Guilty, by Manuel J. Smith, Ph.D.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

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Your Perfect Right: A Guide to Assertive Living, by Robert E. Alberti and Michael Emmons.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

Co-Counseling and Support Groups

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Fundamentals of Co-Counseling Manual, by Harvey Jackins.  Click here to learn more about co-counseling.  Cocounseling offers free bartered therapy.  Co-counseling or re-evaluation counseling offers free bartered therapy for individuals and emphasizes the innate goodness of people and encourages the personal and political liberation of all people.

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Changing the World: One Relationship at a Time: Focused Listening for Mutual Support & Empowerment, by Sheryl Karas.  Published in 1998.  Click here for a detailed description.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

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The Self-Help Sourcebook: Your Guide to Community & Online Support Groups (6th Edition - 1998), edited by Barbara J. White and Edward J. Madara.  Published in 1998.  There is also an online version of this guide available, and you can purchase the book directly from the American Self-Help Clearinghouse.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

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Many Roads, One Journey: Moving Beyond the Twelve Steps, by Charlotte Davis Kasl, offers the 16 Steps of personal empowerment as an upbeat alternative to the standard 12-step programs.  (Here is another description of the 16 steps.)  Published in 1992.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

Humanistic Psychology

     Currently out of print.
The Third Force: The Psychology of Abraham Maslow
, by Frank G. Goble.  The best introduction to humanistic psychology that I'm aware of.

Publisher out of stock in Nov. 2000.
The Transparent Self, by Sidney M. Jourard.  A good introduction to humanistic psychology and the benefits of healthy self-expression and self-disclosure.

The Association for Humanistic Psychology is a good source of additional information on humanistic psychology.


     Self-reflection means giving yourself some quiet time to think and reflect.  In today's fast-paced information society, with pervasive media and advertising and a certain amount of information overload, taking some quiet time to relax and think, reflect and process is a very good idea.  One easy way to do this is to take a walk and think things over.  You can also keep a journal.  If you talk with a friend, counselor, or cocounseler, you may find that having someone actively and supportively listening to you may enable you to think more clearly and positively.


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Self-Hypnosis and Other Mind-Expanding Techniques, by Charles Tebbetts.  This is the best introduction that I'm aware of to self-hypnosis, a simple, effective, and almost free self-help healing technique.  I also recommend Gil Boyne's self-hypnosis tape #101, "Self-confidence through self-image programming", that is recommended in the back of this book, for a quick first self-hypnosis tape.

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Hypnosis for Change, by Josie Hadley and Carol Staudacher.  (Also available in a less expensive pocketbook edition, but I find the larger book more aesthetically appealing.)  This book contains the best advice and scripts that I have seen for using self-hypnosis to help overcome 15 different problems, including losing weight, stopping smoking, reducing stress, treating phobias, giving birth, healing, controlling pain, improving self-esteem and motivation, improving learning experiences, improving athletic performances, enhancing creativity, sleeping better, handling anxiety or panic, healing the adult survivor of child abuse, and handling loss and separation.  The back of the book also contains info on how to purchase pre-recorded versions of some of the self-hypnosis scripts listed in this book.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

Mind Technology

     Tools for Wellness offers a dazzling array of over 1,000 products related to mind technology and alternative healthcare.  In addition to their website, they also have an impressive hard-copy catalog.  (2 cautions: 1) Many of their products are expensive, and 2) Be advised that they sell a wide range of unconventional products, some of which are quite useful, some of which are worthless, and some of which may or may not work.  So think carefully before you spend your money here.)

     Out of print.
Mega Brain Power: Transform Your Life With Mind Machines and Brain Nutrients, by  Michael Hutchison, published back in 1994.  Outside of the Tools for Exploration catalog, this is the best introduction to mind technology.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.  If you really get into this, you'll probably also want to subscribe to Michael Hutchison's Megabrain Report: The Journal of Optimal Performance.

     If you're interested in brain biofeedback, one of the most exciting and promising areas is EDS (EEG-Driven Stimulation), pioneered by Len Ochs.  Alpha-theta training, which uses biofeedback to teach you how to go into a trance or hypnotic state while relaxed, is also interesting.

     I also sell books on smart drugs.

Ken Keyes Living Love Method

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Handbook to Higher Consciousness (cassette tape & mini-guide), by Ken Keyes, Jr.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.  I recommend this as your first introduction to the Ken Keyes living love method.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

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Handbook to Higher Consciousness, by Ken Keyes, Jr.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

Friendship, Love, and Kindness

     EmpowermentBooks.com offers a full page of books on this important topic.


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The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body & Spirit Through the Chakras, by Anodea Judith & Selene Vega, published in 1993.  This is the best book that I'm aware of on using the chakra system.  A workbook for sequentially working on the issues associated with the first through seventh chakras.

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Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System, by Anodea Judith.  This is her earlier book, published back in 1987.  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

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Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System audio cassette, by Anodea Judith.  Published in Nov. 1998.  (Note: Amazon.com sells a downloadable version of this audio cassete tape.)

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Wheels of Life: A Journey Through the Chakras (audio cassette), by Anodea Judith, with music by Rick Hamouris.  This 1987 audiotape complements the book.  While I have not had a chance to listen to it, the publisher states that "Led by the narration of Anodea Judith from the meditations in her book Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System this tape can be used as a self-healing tool."

Attaining Balance and Inner Peace

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The Earthsteward's Handbook: A Guide to Healing Ourselves and Healing the Earth, by Danaan Parry and Lila Forest.

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The Awakened Heart: Finding Harmony in a Changing World, by John Robbins and Ann Mortifee.  This is their 1997 revised version of their 1991 book In Search of Balance: Discovering Harmony in a Changing World.  It is full of wisdom and sage advice (but is without the graceful line drawings that adorn their earlier book).  Reviewed by Amazon.com.

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- See also inspirational books. -

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