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     To order a book from Amazon.com:
     1) Locate the book listing in EmpowermentBooks.com.  (You have over 24 categories of books to choose from.)
     2) Click on the book's title.
     3) Read the review, if any, provided by Amazon.com.  If you're interested in the book, go ahead and add it to your online shopping cart now.  (This places you under no financial obligation and Amazon.com's computer will remember your selection later if you don't purchase it today.  You can either purchase it or remove it from your online shopping cart at any time.)  Then, unless you're finished shopping, use the "back" button to return from Amazon.com to this online bookstore.
     4) Select View Your Shopping Cart at any time to review or change the books in your online shopping cart.
     5) When you're ready to purchase the books in your online shopping cart, select the  option and follow the steps provided by Amazon.com, which  handles the actual ordering, shipping, and billing.  You can phone in your credit card number after placing your online order or use their secure server.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and if you are not satisfied with any book for any reason, you can return it within 30 days in its original condition for a full refund.

     EmpowermentBooks.com offers over 500 top-quality empowerment resource books and over 80 links on over 24 topics related to personal growth, social change, and ecology.  These books have been selected because they can help empower you by giving you the knowledge, skills, and inspiration that you can use to take charge of and improve or transform your own life and, if you so choose, to collectively organize, take charge of, and transform society.

     I've put a lifetime of knowledge into selecting these books, and I think you'll find some books that you're interested in.  I also welcome your suggestions, assistance, and/or donations.  I am especially interested in hearing about and/or receiving a copy of good books that I can add to this online bookstore.

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