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March for Peace and Justice
April 19-22 in Washington, DC

Rally Sites and March Routes.  Provided by Mobilize for Global Justice.  Includes a map. [4/18/02]
DC IndymediaDC Weather: 202-WE6-1212.  Washington Post [4/15/02] protest map DC Metro DC Legal support: 202-462-9627.  DC Legal info: 202-321-4627

 Political Coalition.  Fri. 4/19/02  Sat. 4/20/02  Sun. 4/21/02  Mon. 4/22/02

United We March Stop the War at Home and Abroad.  A peace activist coalition with specific nonviolence guidelines.  Info includes a calendar of events and housing and ride boards.
Welcome center open Friday 9am-9pm.

Nonviolence training, teach-ins, etc.
Main Peace Rally.  Gather 10:30am at the Sylvan Theatre (SW side of the Washington Monument).
1pm March to the Capital.
3pm Peace rally at the Capital.
Nonviolence training 5pm-8pm.  
International A.N.S.W.E.R.  March Against War and Racism.  Militant and well-organized.  Info includes a calendar of events and logistics infoIf you need or can provide a bus ride to DC for the April 20 protests, click here.  (The International Action Center is a key member of this coalition.)  
Main Peace Rally.
11am at the Ellipse
(South side of the White House).  More rally info.
Mobilize for Global Justice.  Protesting the IMF and World Bank.  Info includes Rally Sites and March Routes, many links, and a calendar of events.  
11am-12:30pm  Protest at the IMF/World Bank meetings (18th and H Streets), then march to the rally at the Capital.
8:30am-10:30am.  Meet and greet the IMF/World Bank delegates (18th and H Streets.)
National Mobilization on Columbia.  Info includes a specific April 19-22 schedule of events and a nonviolence pledge. 11am-5pm.  Vigil and lobbying to close the School of the Americas.  Rally/vigil at Upper Senate Park.  (Also possible street theatre at the Capital.)  More info.
5pm: Critical mass bike ride.
Teach-in 8:30am-6pm.  Solidarity concerts at 7pm & 9:30pm. 10-11:30am Interfaith service.
Festival of Hope and Resistance.  11am-5pm at the Sylvan Theatre (South of the Washington Monument.) Also more events.
Peace March and Nonviolent Direct Action 7-9am.  Gather at the Washington Monument.  Includes both legal march and nonviolent civil disobedience options.  There will also be other marches with/without permits and/or civil disobedience on Monday sponsored by other groups.
SUSTAIN.  Stop U.S. Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now.      
Protest Sharon and U.S. Funding of the Israeli Occupation6pm at the Washington Hilton.  (Connecticut and T Streets, NW - 4 blocks north of the Dupont Circle Metro.)
Earth Day 2002 is April 22.  Earth Day events are being held everywhere on and around April 22.      
Earth Day 2002.
CAUTION: While I expect a relatively trouble-free and hopefully 100% nonviolent weekend from Friday-Sunday, there is always the chance that DC police (and/or some protesters and/or agent provocateurs) could have other plans.  DC police appear to have learned to avoid or minimize their use of repressive tactics, although as recently as 2 years ago they launched a major repressive and unconstitutional pre-emptive strike against protesters.  Since then, they have surrounded and trapped (but did not arrest) a rowdy group of protesters on at least one occasion.  [Note: I think this police tactic is counterproductive in calming down protesters and probably unconstitutional as well.]
     The Monday morning protests will include legal protests, protests without permits, and civil disobedience.  If you protest on Monday, be careful to avoid arrest or be prepared for civil disobedience and possible arrest.  [While nonviolent civil disobedience has a long and honorable history, and I have personally done nonviolent civil disobedience in the past, in today's information age I wonder if getting arrested and going to jail is the best way for protestors to use their time, energy, and money.]  Note: You can assume that police monitor websites and use paid informants.  If you hear about a Monday protest, assume that the police have heard about it too.
APRIL 19-23 LEGAL SUPPORT-- http://www.justiceandsolidarity.org.  Legal support hotline: 202-462-9627.  Legal info hotline: 202-321-4627.
Justice and Solidarity 101-- Washington, DC April 2002 Actions.  Your legal rights, as explained by the D.C. Justice and Solidarity Collective.
The Washington Peace Center.
DC Indymedia.   And more alternative media.
DC Weather: 202-WE6-1212.

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International Solidarity Movement.  Nonviolent resistance to Sharon's new war from international volunteers.
Independent Media Center
Institute for Global Communication (IGC), including PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, Anti-Racism.Net, and LaborNet.
The International Action Center.
The Washington Peace Center Calendar.
  Washington, DC political meetings and events.

This information is provided by EmpowermentResources.com. [4-10-02, updated 4/18/02]