Gift of 60s-style Empowerment
(Initially released July 4, 1999)

    The award-winning Internet Web site, -- Tools for Personal Growth, Social Change, and Ecology, is being officially released to the media and the American public on July 4, 1999., recently upgraded and enhanced, is bursting with 60's idealism, advanced Information Age Internet technology, and over 420 top quality books and over 700 links on Empowerment.  It combines 3 streamlined websites into one and offers a Green Guide to the Internet, the Empowerment Resources Online Bookstore, and convenient online shopping. offers a fun and appealing flexible approach to self-improvement or self-empowerment. asks "What would you like to do?" and offers over 420 top-quality empowerment resource books to help you achieve what you want in life.  Innovative options include getting organized, time management, economizing or saving money (also known as "voluntary simplicity"), assertiveness training, self-healing, healthy living, holistic health, exercise, stretching, stress control, healthy food, alternative medicine, nutritional supplements, organic gardening, and ideas for increasing the fun, love, joy, and happiness in your life. also offers Internet links and books for sale on cultural empowerment, political empowerment, and building an ecologically sustainable society, and offers resources for environmentalists, feminists, peace activists, civil rights activists, and social change activists. also offers consciousness-raising info, ideas for political reform, and inspirational utopian novels like Ecotopia and Island., working in association with over 30 Internet companies, also offers convenient online shopping, and offers a huge selection of books, music CDs, videos, vitamins, Green goods, and more, including natural food, free offers, state-of-the-art Internet price comparison searching,  the Value America online superstore, consumer info, credit cards, art, toys, computers, software, and more. also offers info on computer and Internet resources, links to the major Internet Search Engines, and info on building and promoting Internet Web sites.
     In the 1960's, the popular slogan was "Power to the People." updates this message for the Information Age and offers a new slogan “Knowledge is power.  Empower the people.”  You can access at on the Internet.


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Empowerment Resources Online Bookstore
Empowerment Resources Online Shopping
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