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The Best Resources
HUGE selection -- Over 3 million books, 200,000 CDs, 100,000 movies and more to choose from.

Personal Empowerment Resources
Tools For Personal Growth

Note:  There are many more personal empowerment resources than are listed here.

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The Best Resources
The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
The Womansource Catalog and Review.
  A Whole Earth Catalog for women.
What Color Is Your Parachute?: Job Hunting Online.  The best Internet website on job hunting.
HealthWorld Online (also reachable with quick access time) is the best Internet website on holistic health, alternative medicine, and medical self-care.
Co-counseling.  Free bartered therapy.  Co-counseling or re-evaluation counseling offers free bartered therapy for individuals and emphasizes the innate goodness of people and encourages the personal and political liberation of all people.
Tools for Wellness.  Mind technology.  (Some items they sell work wonders.  Others don't work at all.  Some items they sell might work.  So exercise caution in purchasing items here.)
Fast Forward's 1997 Personal Empowerment LinksThe Washington Post's 5/30/97 Fast Forward Guide to "The Web for the Rest of Us" provides practical links on health, families and people, college and career, money, cars, outdoors and sports, indoor interests, video, music, wine, retirement, travel, and misc. info.
Fast Forward's 1998 Personal Empowerment Links, including Major League Sports, (Out)Door Prizes, Culture Consumption, Food and Drink, Expensive Hobbies, Family Matters, and House Bound.

Fast Forward's 1999 Personal Empowerment Links, including articles on
Love Online, Local Washington, DC Area Sites, "404 Not Found", Auction Sites, Portals and web guides on Alternative Medicine, Antique Dealers, Bicycling, Camping, Charity, Dancing, Dog Lovers, Eco-Sites, Greeting Cards, Job Hunting, Rugby, and Running.
Commonly requested U.S. government federal services.

The Simple Living Network (offering a free electronic newsletter on voluntary simplicity)
Frugal Living Resources (including what's new).
Your local food co-op
Local health food stores.  A searchable database of 5,000 health food stores.
New Age Journal
Esalen.  Northern California personal growth center.
Omega Institute.  East coast New York Esalen-style personal growth center.
Common Boundary magazine.  Exploring the common boundary between psychology, spirituality, and creativity.
Vegetarian Pages
Veggies Unite!
EarthSave International
Realities 1989.  EarthSave's 1989 documentation of the many benefits of vegetarianism.
The Master Anti-Smoking Page.
Ladyslipper.  Women's music.
Concerned Singles.  A singles service linking progressive, socially conscious men and women of all ages.  Listings are online.

Planned Parenthood
United Communities of Spirit

Womensource's Links.
New Age Links from New Age Web Works.  Note: this is an all-inclusive list, so use your own judgement about each website listed here.
Alternative Medicine Links
List of Regional Countercultural Journals and Resource Guides.  Countercultural/new age/holistic health journals and resource guides.

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