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: PC Magazine at ZDNet.
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Internet Resources

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Building and Promoting an Internet Website: Website page.

Search the Internet
Alta Vista Advanced Search -- a very powerful free Internet search engine.
Yahoo -- a huge Internet portal with a huge collection of categorized website links.
You can create another search page (so you can easily search again from the new page).
Note: Direct Hit provides critical technology for many search engines.
Alta Vista
Alta Vista Advanced Search
Anzwers Power Search
AOL NetFind
Excite Power Search
HotBot: SuperSearch
Infoseek Advanced Search
Lycos Pro
Netscape Net Search
Northern Light
Northern Light Power Search

Search this website:
Search for Books, Music or Movies at
You can purchase more powerful and/or more specific Internet search engine software to help you find the info that you want on the web.

Expert Advice
     Our society is currently undergoing an information technology revolution with ongoing advances in computer hardware and software.  Computer hardware prices keep dropping as more powerful microprocessors are released, and Internet hardware and software technology is continually expanding and improving.  I recommended getting the latest technical advice from experts like those at PC Magazine at ZDNet.

     PC's keep getting better and cheaper.  (So does Internet access and website hosting.)  Buy what you want and can afford, but remember that whatever you buy now will be functional but slow and out of date within a few years.  Remember to budget for software and an ISP account for Internet access as well.  Also, how much computing power do you really need?  Word processing and web surfing do not require an expensive PC.

Basic Software
     You need a computer operating system.  Most people use DOS and Windows, while some use Apple PCs.  Unix and Linux are generally used for larger computers and for web servers.  (Both tend to crash far less frequently than Windows.)  You will probably want basic office software (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.).  Windows 2000 should meet your needs.  You will need antivirus software, like the latest version of Norton Antivirus from Symantec.. If you use the Internet,
particularly if you have "always-on" high-speed or broadband Internet access, you need a personal firewall for your PC.

Free Software
     Free downloads at

Internet Access
     Netscape offers Netscape Navigator, while Microsoft offers Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Both are good products.  (For U.S. citizens, who can legally obtain it, I highly recommend the high-security 128-bit encrypted version of Netscape and whatever comparable high-security versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft has to offer.)
PC Magazine rates national Internet Service Providers.
Washington Post's Fast Forward rates local Internet Service Providers in the extended Washington, DC metropolitan area.
Erols is a well-advertised inexpensive U.S. East Coast Internet Service Provider which also offers website hosting.
The main social change Internet Service Provider providing Internet access is IGC.   Click here for a longer list of social-change-oriented Internet Service Providers.

High Speed Internet Access
Super Fast Cable Internet
Excite@Home-- I use this service and recommend it.
Fast Access Service Guide from PC Magazine.
     High speed Internet access is rapidly growing throughout America.  Depending on where you live, your choices for high speed Internet access may include 1) telephone, 2) cable, and/or 3) satellite.  Please note that high speed Internet access using telephone wires uses a new technology that is completely different from and does not interfere with your regular use of your telephone.
     High speed Internet access by telephone may be sold by different companies using different communications networks.  Shop carefully.  Prices, advertised speed, actual speed, and the technical reliability of services may vary.  Many companies are offering high speed Internet service (also called broadband or DSL or ADSL).  In addition to PC Magazine's list, you can check out offers from Verizon, AT&T Broadband, Sprint Ion, CAIS, and other companies.
Personally, I'm very happy with the speed and technical reliability of my excite@home High Speed Internet cable modem access.
     If you can't get high speed Internet access through your telephone or cable wires yet, you might be able to get high speed Internet access through a satellite dish.

Internet Privacy Resources
     The Jan. 16, 2001 issue of
PC Magazine covers this is detail.  At a minimum you need an excellent personal firewall for your PC if you use the Internet, particularly if you have "always-on" high-speed or broadband Internet access.

Internet Resources
Free downloads at
PC Magazine at ZDNet.
Washington Post's Fast Forward.  Computer and Internet Empowerment Resources, including Fast Forward's Personal Empowerment Links (or "The Web for the Rest of Us").

Offline Browsers
     If you want to efficiently access large amounts of data from the Internet, you can use High Speed Internet access and/or offline browsing.  If you want to save or archive data from the Internet, you need a good offline browser and inexpensive data storage (such as a large hard drive and/or a CDRW or CD-read-write drive).  Offline browsers allow you to automatically download selected data from the Internet and store it on your PC.
     Here are some choices from the
PC Magazine Offline Browser Guide (which is at least a year old):
Teleport Pro
[PC magazine editors' choice].  Uses 10 Internet retrieval threads at once to download data.  Also includes free upgrades..
InContext FlashSite
[PC magazine editors' choice].
WebWhacker 2000
[PC magazine review of an earlier version and a list of new features].
     Here is a list of the most popular choices from Offline Browser shareware from ZDNet.

Building and Promoting an Internet Website
     The section on How to Build and Promote an Internet Website includes the following topics: Website Hosting Services, Free personal homepages, Commercial website hosting, Social change movement website hosting, Domain Name Registration, Building a Website, Promoting a Website, Maintaining a Website, and Internet Searching and Adding URLs.

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