The Future Affiliate Program for and 

Join the waiting list for the future Affiliate Program for and

     If you have a website, I encourage you to join the waiting list for the future affiliate program for and  I still plan to offer a new affiliate program, even though my initial plans to upgrade my websites and offer a new affiliate program have been delayed.  (I focused on preventing a U.S.-Iraq war and on upgrading my computing capability instead.)  I still have a strategy to increase the income of these Empowerment websites and I plan to give future affiliates their share of the income I hope to generate.  Please email me if you're interested in being an affiliate in 2004.
     My previous affiliate program, managed through clickXchange, was cancelled after clickXchange priced themselves out my market.  However, I firmly believe in sharing the wealth so I plan to have an affiliate program in place in 2004.

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